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I offer unique, one-of-a-kind (OOAK) handmade scultpted animal and people pottery.

Whimsical Handmade Pottery

It is fair to say that my pottery is a little different! My inspiration comes from a wide and weird variety of sources. But you will find very functional pieces that are acceptable on the finest of dining tables and in decorative art displays!?!


My "ceramic" philosophy is that a really great piece of pottery should encourage a connection between people and daily life, something that makes you smile or laugh. Every work of functional art that I design starts with a story and ends with a life lesson. For example, Bandit on the right. His story line: "Bandit was asked to leave the neighborhood block party when he took the entire main course of fish for himself." The life lession to learn: Don't be selfish, share what you have with others, especially at parties -- and just maybe you won't be disliked so much!




Bandit is from the "Animals Behaving Badly" Series.

There are many animals with bad attitudes and lack of

social graces in my collection!

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